There isn't much he remembers


Born to immigrant parents on July 29, 1985, Kaly almost didn’t make it into this world. Surviving his mother’s umbilical cord choking him, he was welcomed into a modest one-bedroom apartment furnished only with a toaster, a black and white television, and a mattress on the floor. Though much of the rest of this time is forgotten, it is these humble surroundings that have shaped the artist who has come to be known as Kaly.

Given his name by a former flame for his naturally smooth tone of voice, Kaly is known more now for his raw, gritty vocals and uncompromising lyrics. Soft-spoken and respectful in person, even he will admit he has no idea why a change comes about every time he steps into the booth, “I literally have no idea when that first started happening or why it still happens, people are always surprised when they hear me in person and then on a track. Trust me, I’m the most amazed out of anyone.”

It is this combination of grittiness and intelligence that has brought Kaly to the forefront of all of his peers, but also that which has proved to be the basis of his difficulties in the industry. Unorthodox in his delivery and unwavering in his belief that music is more than what you hear in a club, he has found himself at odds with numerous industry acts and even members of his own team at times. Nonetheless, through sheer determination, Kaly has made inroads for himself, charting numerous tracks on the BBC Asian Network; gaining praise from industry notables such as Rishi Rich, DJ Bikram Keith, and Mentor Kolektiv; and even having one of his tracks featured on the Playstation 3 videogame “Haze”.

No longer waiting on others for their approval of his dream, Kaly has reinvented himself and vowed to make everyone who ever doubted him choke on their words. There isn’t much he forgets.